Monday, April 16, 2012

Craft Room Tour

My life is full of clutter.  I HATE clutter.  No matter how much I dislike clutter, I can't seem to eliminate it from my life.  Anyone else have this problem?  Sure you do.  Very few people don't have issues with clutter in some part of their lives.

I've been ignoring living with the clutter in our home for the past couple of years.  I'd much rather do what has to be done, play with the kids and then curl up with a good (or even bad) book.  Much easier on me than trying to sort through all our stuff.  'Bout as helpful as an ostrich burying its head in the sand, right?

Okay.  No more excuses.
  • I'm feeling better and getting my energy back.
  • Neighborhood garage sale in T minus 19 days.
  • Little Man has turned 2 and there no more little Wises coming along.
  • My life will be much simpler and nicer once I do this.

My craft room seemed the perfect place to start - since my husband kept making not so subtle comments about how much better he thought all my stuff would be moved to the basement.  I can't really blame him with the room in a constant state of chaos.

So, here is where it all started.

Actually, I believe this is after I had already gotten started.  I didn't like this.

Configuration 2 didn't work much better.
I moved our dining room table into the room instead of having everything spread through 2 rooms.  The table is a great space for me to lay out material for pattern placement and cutting.  It was just too much visually right against the basement railing. 

Configuration 3 started the creative juices flowing and I was able to get everything functional and looking nice at the same time.

Having the dining room table in the room is amazing!

I 'needed' a space devoted to the actual sewing process in the room, too.
This desk is a relic left over from my husband's college days.  This picture was taken after I had moved our massive computer.  It's a large surface to work on: plenty of room for both machines to remain set up and a place to sit and work on my laptop.
Putting the shelf above the desk has allowed me to use some of the vertical space in the room.  Bobbins, my Sidewinder, a radio and some odds and ends are housed up there.

I moved the desk down the wall a few inches to make room for some storage.  The drawers are holding thread, scissors, pins, fabrics and the little bit of felt I have.  The little cubby on the desk has a plastic bin in it holding my patterns.
The bookshelves are now organized and de-cluttered, as well, holding sewing books, magazines, my tools and the rest of my fabric stash.
The last area is the first a person sees when walking in the front door.  It should work well for ironing, but I'm not sure if I'll keep it like this.  (Pay no attention to the mess in the background.)
I'm loving the new space!  It's organized.  It's inviting.  It's calling my name.  Best of all?  No one else has stuff in the room.  This space is mine all mine.  Now to get a project going.


  1. I love it! It looks awesome and i'm jealous of all that dedicated crafting space! can't wait to see what you create now:o)

    I'm in the midst of de cluttering my whole house. I'm taking a dust break. Really, doesn't it feel so good to be on the other end of it. The "I can see clearly now" side. Takes a bit of motivation to get it started though.
    Best to your future creations!

  3. Wow, number three was definitely the winner. You did a wonderful job. I love having a large table in my space too. It's our old kitchen table that's up on risers and it is AWESOME! My craft area will never ever win any beauty contests (I think of these perfectly decorated/organized/coordinated spaces you see on Pinterest). But mine's a nice place to work and all my things are right where I need them. Mostly.

  4. thanks everyone! Crystal - you could always take over J's office. ;) Amanda - Good luck on the de cluttering. So sad that the old saying "has to look worse before it can look better" is true. Larissa - I thought that table looked familiar! How did you do the risers? I would love to get my table up higher.

  5. Hey, Jessica, just ordinary risers you buy for beds. Available at your local Wal-Mart.(shudder)


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