Monday, December 5, 2011

Gift Idea - Apps and Tunes

I thought I would deviate from handmade to easy and cheap.  I know a LOT of people out there have a smart phone.  How many of you allow your kids to play with said smart phone turning it into a ridiculously expensive 'toy'?  Yep, I'm guilty.  There are times when parents get desperate to entertain the little ones, though.  {Like when you have to spend 5 hours at the auto repair place with 3 kids waiting for tires.  Not the most kid friendly place and even new display tires are dirty.}

I personally I have an iPhone.  I absolutely love it!  Apps for me and the kids, plus all the music we like to listen to.  We rarely listen to the radio anymore when in the vehicle.  I also like to have it playing throughout the house when we're cleaning.

Do you have an iPhone or Mac?  If you do, I'm sure you have iTunes on your electronic already.  If not, you can download itunes easy enough.  Itunes cards are all over the place and make great gifts for all ages.  Plus, it takes away the angst of deciding which songs/albums someone else would like or want.  For younger kids, consider placing money in your iTunes account and then giving each child a certificate or coupon they can redeem for x amount of songs.  (This is what we plan to do for our older kids.)  Or, pick the songs and make a personal CD for the receiver.

'There's an app for that.'  An app for just about anything you might want - couponing, stores, games, educational, jokes, weather - you name it.  Want to know what's popular?  How about apps for kids?  Just do a quick search and you've got it!  There are so many free ones out there, too.

Here's a rundown on some that we like - Nook and Kindle, The Weather Channel, Angry Birds,  Glow Draw, Racing Penguin, DoodleBuddy, Fisher Price,  and KidCalc.  Right now I'm bribing my 8 yr old with Fruit Ninja for when she passes her times table test.

I know this isn't a crafty post, but it is a gift idea.  Hopefully this will give you another idea for your gift list.

Do you have some favorite apps?  Please share - Here in the comments or on Facebook.

** I know there are other devices that can download apps.  I'm not familiar with them.  Better to stick to what I know.  :)  Do a google search if you have a different brand of smartphone.


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