Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Ham and Cheese Crescent Rolls

Ever have those days when you need a really quick meal?  My kids get off the bus everyday around 4:30.  By the time we get some extra energy out and then sit down to do homework, I should have had supper started an hour ago.  Then, I'm usually standing in front of an open fridge trying to figure out something for us all to eat that isn't frozen - while trying to helping with homework.

One night I thought I would give the combination of crescent rolls, ham and cheese a try.  This has become a quick favorite and is often requested. 

 What you need:
1 can Crescent Rolls
4 slices Kraft Singles
1/2 lb Lunch Meat (I used ham)

What you do:
Unroll and separate your rolls into 8 triangles.

 Place desired amount of meat on each triangle.
 Place 1/2 a slice (torn diagonally) Kraft Single on top of your meat.

Roll the triangles according to the directions on the side of the crescent roll can.

Bake per directions on side of can.

Once they are lightly browned, remove and serve.
Such an easy thing to fix.  As you can see from a couple of pictures above,  the cheese can be left off if someone would prefer it cheese free.  Still very good eats.  Just add a couple of sides and you have a whole meal.  These would also be good as finger foods for a party!


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