Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Original Scrapbox

Have you seen this before?  I stumbled upon The Original Scrapbox about 2 weeks ago, and I find myself going back to it time and time again to drool over all the products.  When you click on the link above, you will get to see a short video.  The Original Scrap Box is a scrapbooking storage system with fold out table and cabinets for the home.  (Yep, you read that right.  A table!).  It offers shelving, racks, carry totes, ribbon boxes and drawers.... I mean, could it get any better?!

It blows my mind!  Of course, I look at it and think how much cleaner my craft room would look.  I think this is the one ...

The Workbox: Vanilla Raised Panel Craft Storage Furniture

Although, this one looks really nice, too.

The Workbox: Knotty Alder Raised Panel Craft Storage Furniture

Both of those are The Workbox, just in different finishes.  See all the bins and pouches inside the cabinet?  It comes with 81 canvas totes in various sizes and 20 clear zippered pouches!  No extra buying.

Of course, in my mind, I would also 'need' this -
The Minibox: Vanilla Raised Panel Craft Storage Furniture
All the totes and pouches are included with this one as well.

There are other products available. Like this.

The CraftBox: Vanilla Raised Panel Craft Storage Furniture

Or this.

The EZ View: White Craft Desk Craft Storage Furniture

There's even a Sewing Box for those of us who sew.  And a Paper Tower for storing, you guessed it, paper.  Although, I think the Paper Tower would also work well for  storing a stash of material.  Or both- I'm equal opportunity.

There are several different accessories available, as well.

I'll give you one more piece of information... Shipping is FREE in the continental USA on several of the products.

Okay..... pick your chin up off your lap and wipe away the drool.  :)  One of these days I'll be posting a picture of my craft room all nicely organized featuring one of these amazing cabinets.  Until then, I'll keep going back to the site trying to decide which finish would look best in my home.


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