Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Have I Shown You This?

I don't remember, but I couldn't find it - so, I guess not.  Like how my reasoning works?

At one point I had quite the issue of furniture placement in our living room.  Link here.

This is how things were arranged right after I finished painting.  The top picture is my attempt to make my husband happy.  Making sure the huge recliner was positioned just right to view the television was a must.  As well as the ability to recline fully for those days when he wants to watch sports through his eyelids.
Instead of getting rid of the recliner altogether, I moved things around.  Again.
The love seat is once again along the stair wall.  And Super Hubby's chair is in a spot that meets all of the above criteria and yet doesn't feel awkward in the room.

Still working on that end table situation.

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  1. I really like the new arrangement! We have a chair like that too. End tables are perplexing, but at least it looks like space is not a problem! I wish you could see our house with its new paint colors. I love it so much!


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