Friday, March 4, 2011

A Good Book: Volume 2

I've been reading some new(er) books.  You know, ones with a 2010 publishing date?  I'm usually playing catch-up with all the new release stuff and about 2 years out.  Pretty stinkin' proud of myself for finally reading something before my younger sis.

This was a fun read.  Very Harry Potter-esque.  I had heard nothing about this book or the author before this, but I will be looking for other writings by her.  It was a very quick and easy read - since it's for the 6-9th grade group.  If my oldest ever gets interested in reading, these would really intrigue her.

My SIL's mother got us started on these books.  The kids don't have the attention span nor the desire to sit and read these on their own, yet.  But, we've had a lot of fun reading them together.  I'll take just about any excuse to read a book.  And, since the school encourages the parents to read with their kids, that's enough for me.  :)

Okay.  I picked this one up thinking it was a novel.  Nope.  I'm thinking by the end of the series I am going to like these books better than Twilight.  {GASP!}  I know!  I wouldn't have thought it possible, but it's true.  I'm already re-reading it after finishing Book 2.  (Imagine my husband hanging is head and shaking it with a smirk on his face.  Yes, this is pretty typical of me.)

Second book in the Fallen Series.  This is even better than the first book.  I'll re-read it after I finish the first book again.  :)

Third book.  Not due out until June 2011. {sigh!}  Seriously, these books are good enough (and addicting enough) that I'm seriously considering buying them.  :)  Especially since the Borders close to us is going out of business.


  1. hmmmmmm...thanks for sharing the good reads. You know I'm always starving for one. I'll check those out!

  2. ooh, thanks for the tip on Fallen! I am in need of a fun new series. I am patiently waiting for a book 14 in my fave fantasy series, not due till next year. This might tide me over :)


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