Monday, December 13, 2010

Workshop in Full Swing

In between all the normal daily activities, I've been trying to get all the Christmas preparations done.  We are in full swing!  I'm giving myself until Friday to get all the sewing done.  (Fingers crossed!!)  I finally got the tree and a small amount of the decorations up this past Friday.  Plus, I have a couple of packages that need to be mailed by the weekend.  All very do-able.

My kids have been getting in the Christmas mood this past week, too.  Arts and Crafts have been cluttering up the 'craft room', but it is just too cold for them to do much outside these days.  I love seeing them so intent on their projects.  (The mess afterward- not so much.)
 Our oldest really surprised me with her creativity this weekend.  I thought nothing of it when she said she wanted to make a snowman.  This is what she showed me when she was finished.

I mean, really, why stick to one dimensional art at age 7?


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