Friday, December 17, 2010

Curly Present Bow Tutorial

Have you seen the cute curly bows for presents for sale at Wal-mart and such stores?  You know - those ones that are way over priced, yet very convienient?  Right, those.  Here's a quick tutorial to help you make your own.

 1.  Select your ribbon and cut to length.  I chose 4 colors and cut 2 of each color at about 18 inches.

 2.  Curl your ribbon with the edge of your scissors.
 3. Gather them all up holding them in the middle.
 4.  Cut a small piece of paper to anchor the ribbon to and staple.

5.  Tape your curly bows to your packages to make them extra festive with very little effort.

That was easy!  Just think how many of these you can make at the same price of buying just one from a store. :)



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