Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Recap

We had a great time last night Trick or Treating.  Kevin took the older 4 out around our (wonderful and generous) subdivision to get a candy supply that should last until Christmas.

The day started off with a couple of the kids being under the weather.  I kept the two youngest home from church yesterday morning.  And then around 2 o'clock our oldest started running a low grade fever.  I wasn't sure what the evening was going to bring, but I knew I didn't want to be lugging a sick and crying child to the door every time the door bell rang.  So, at the last minute I made up this sign to put out with the candy on the porch.
It's just card board painted with acrylics.  The writing I typed up and printed off the computer.  To age it a little, I tore and then used chalk around the edges.  I then taped these eyes in the window (minus the horns).

I'm thinking I might keep this to use again sometime.  One of these days I'm hoping to be able to go out to Trick or Treat too.  :)

Everything really worked out well.  I kept the baby home with his little runny nose and cough.  O, our 4th daughter, wasn't feeling very well and only went out for about 15 min.  (She actually asked Daddy to bring her home.)  The other kids stuck it out and had a blast!  All of our neighbors are so great and the kids really loved getting to see all their friends dressed up.

Daddy even got a cut of the candy for taking them out! (These are actually the full size candy bars that the kids didn't care for in their buckets.  :)

Now that Halloween is officially over, I plan to get started on Christmas.  It seems crazy, but did you all know that it is only 55 days away?!  I have 11 nieces and nephews to think about plus the rest of the family members.  I have a good start on some and a long list for the rest, but I'm really hoping to be done with it all by Thanksgiving.  Well...... at least I have that as a goal.

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  1. aw! yours look so sweet. And Man! full sized candy bars? Love it. Love the sign too. We did get to trick or treat, but the girls ran out of steam before I did. We had a cow girl and Donkey from Shrek. ha.


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