Monday, December 21, 2009


Blue and Brown - Don't you just love the Christmas color theme? Shouldn't it be 'silver and gold'? I'm finding that at the ripe ol' age of 30, I have become way too practical for my own good. Why purchase 4 matching dresses that the girls can only wear a total of maybe 4 times? Of which, just finding can consume a lot of my extra time. (Really? Extra time?!)

So, my solution this year, besides just skipping the purchase altogether, was to find something cute but that could span time, defy weather and have hand-me-down potential. This was the result. Cute - If I do say so myself.

Now the challenge? Making them snazzy enough for Christmas. Dilemma was solved by creating these pretty and fun hair accessories.

The cute little flower loop hair bow tutorial can be found here along with many other free tutorials on The Ribbon Retreat. Another great site I've used for bow making is Girly Things.

This is a little different shot of the loopy flower bow. I hot glued this directly to the plastic headband. I had originally planned to cover this with ribbon, as well, but ran out of ribbon. A crafter has to be ready and willing to improvise, right?!

I had SO much fun making this woven headband. I've seen these different places and just love the look of them. It looks much more complicated than it really is. And, thanks to a great tutorial by Laura at HairHardwear on YouTube, both woven headbands were completed in no time.

My ever present, always helpful baby girl is modeling the loopy flower bow that was put on an alligator clip. In the first picture above, it is clipped to an elastic headband. I didn't want to attach the two permanently, and I'm very hopeful that one of these days she will have enough hair to hold the bow in longer than just the time it takes to snap a photo. :)

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  1. Ooh, Jess, those are so pretty. You are right, the woven ribbon thingy looks really complicated. I'll have to check out the tutorial. You did it all so neatly, they look great.
    And what cute dresses, I was admiring the effect on your Christmas cards. (Sorry about no card from us, I didn't do them this year -- first year since Abby was born!)
    Also, I just checked out your dress link and those babies are on sale! Might need to get one for the girls. thanks!


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